Trentemøller:  Like a Daydream

Trentemøller’s new album 'Memoria' seems to exist at the confluence of inspiration, coincidence, and maybe even a little bit of the supernatural. On 'Like A Daydream' Lisbet Fritze's earnestly delivered vocals are buoyed up by carillon guitar, tethered to a relaxed drum shuffle, by a progression of bass chords.

Video directed and edited by Rita Blue and Disa Jakobs

Rituals of Resonance - The Poetic P*rn Chapter

Video part of the exhibition Rituals of Resonance - The Poetic P*rn Chapter, by Rita Blue & Elisabeth Victoria Friss.
Video directed by Rita Blue and Elisabeth Victoria Friss, edited by Rita Blue

Kira Skov : If not the Sun

Kira Skov & Mette Lindberg "If not The Sun" New single out on all digital platforms.
Written by Kira Skov Produced by Kira Skov & Silas Tinglef

Filmed and directed by Rita Blue & Disa Jakobs

To Conquer Pain With Love | A Love Ritual |

We came together on spring equinox, just after Putin started the war.
Together we mourned for all the mothers, floating on rivers of tears, sending their sons and lovers to fight. We mourned how the female body becomes a battlefield of its own. And we prayed for every parent struggling to keep their children safe from the violence of war. We extend the love and support to every child and every mother affected by arms and violence. Past, present and future. Today at Solstice, the ritual is full circle. May you all be safe and find peace.

Direction, film and editing: @ritablue_ & @disa_jakobs
Music: To conquer pain with love, original by amazing Mariam the Believers.
Cover version with her permission
Vocals: Stine Grøn & Disa Jakobs.
Guitar og percussion: Jacob Funch and Silas Tinglef.
Mix and master Brian Batz.
Circle: Sarah Armstrong, Yaalouisa @yaalouisa_ , Sahar Pour, Elisabeth Victoria Friss, Veneta Gerganova, Rita Blue & Disa Jakobs

Shorts for Lei Foo Jewelry, Shot & directed by Rita Blue, Edit by Kamilla Bruus